Welcome to Cariad Pet Therapy

Dogs and people; people and dogs.

We believe in the power of the human-animal bond to provide positive outcomes and an improved emotional health and wellbeing to those in receipt of our service.

We firmly believe in dog welfare and ensuring all visits must be mutually beneficial for all and that volunteers must be 'dog-fluent' and have high degress of compassion and empathy.

We believe in kindness.


The benefits of pet therapy

In the presence of a dog, people relax and calm and their heart rate and blood pressure decreases. Stress hormones also decrease and the feel-good hormones increase (the dog feels this too). A dog invites contact, interaction and engagement so it enables movement and communication.

Cariad Pet Therapy dogs can be used by anyone, young and old. It can improve health and wellness, self-esteem, self-image, confidence, movement and rehabilitation, resilience, literacy in schools, reduce adolescent anxieties, aide relationship building, empathy, trust and communication.

The benefits are many. It opens channels to build rapport.


Our Services

We provide a range of services covering many areas.

These include health and wellness in education, social care, health settings, acute mental health provisions, universities and individuals socially isolated in their own homes.

We provide visits to organisations keen on providing a high level of excellence in employee wellbeing.


Volunteer with us & Dog Gallery

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Are you wanting the benefits of volunteering in meeting new people whilst making a difference?

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