Dogs on your Doorstep

The aim of the Dogs on your Doorstep programme is to provide visits from a therapy dog and its handler to people aged 60 and over who are dog lovers, in their own home,

The aim is to:

  • Reduce lonliness and isolation

  • Provide companionship

  • Increase social connectivity

  • Enable community confidence

  • Enjoy the love of a dog once again


We can provide up to 6 sessions which may be weekly or fortnightly, which can then be reviewed subject to the demand on the service.


Referrals must be from a professional such as:

  • GP 

  • Social Worker

  • Health Visitor

  • Community Nurse

  • Community Connector

  • Mental Health Advocate

To make a professional referral please email Jenna at with some general information on the referral, and to request our referral form with the email subject heading 'Home Visit Enquiry'.