NHS Wales Working with Industry Award nomination!

We are proud and pleased to announce that Steve and Asha have been nominated for a NHS award for their joint work with Bryngofal Adult Psychiatric Admissions and Assessment Ward at Prince Phillip Hospital.

They took part in a Recovery Through Activity programme at the ward.

A summary states:

When Asha attended the ward to join in with the Recovery Through Activity groups, there was an increase in participation of patients by 100%! We know from the feedback that recovery through activity improved mood in 70% of those who filled in the evaluation form but significantly we learnt that Asha improved mood by a further 16%. Additionally in groups Asha was involved in, patients were more likely to achieve the session’s goal. Similarly 23% more of Individuals who engaged in the sessions with Asha reported they felt that had achieved something during the session, as well as 5% more of individuals set goals for the future within the session.

You can read about the full programme with the positive evaluated results here

Due to COVID-19 we are not visiting currently but can't wait to resume when safe to do so.

Well done Steve and Asha as well as Kirsty, Tanya and the team at Bryngofal.

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