Pet Therapy employee wellbeing visit marks the return of Cariad Pet Therapy

Cariad Pet Therapy had their 100th employee wellbeing visit to the Amazon CWL1 Swansea facility this week. This marked a return to pet therapy for the organisation after a 14-month absence due to COVID-19.

The therapy dogs and their handlers have spent the last few weeks preparing for a much-welcomed return to pet therapy visits across South and West Wales.

A much-anticipated and planned for wellbeing event took place at the Amazon CWL1 facility in Swansea. This was the 100th visit for Cariad Pet Therapy at the site in providing the benefits of the human-animal bond into the workplace.

Cariad Pet Therapy had seen on the previous 99 visits how much of an impact the therapy dog visits had made, and how much the CWL1 team believed in the concept of pet therapy for their employees.

A very warm welcome was provided for the therapy dogs at their 100th visit. There were balloons, doggie toys (washable), doggie cakes, doggie bunting and refreshments.

Some comments during and after the event from the employees were:

"Thankyou so much, the mood has been lifted here at CWL1"

"I have missed the dogs. The last year has not been the same without them. Can't wait until we can go back to cuddling them as before."

"It's really nice to see you back, it's that little glimpse of normality that keeps us going."

Throughout the day and evening, 9 therapy dogs visited the facility over 4 sessions and the associates booked their time to have their 5 minutes with the dogs.

Due to the current COVID situation all measures were taken to ensure the visits were conducted in a safe manner.

Christine Thomas, Volunteer Director at Cariad Pet Therapy said "it was really great to be back, so good to see lots of familiar faces and seeing the therapy dogs making people smile and engage, it was wonderful. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible, the gorgeous dogs and their handlers, and of course the fantastic Amazon team."

Therapy dogs in attendance were:

Archer, Manuka, Jessie, Merlin, Yogi, Mael, Ozzy, Izzie and Asha.

Handlers were:

Yvonne, Aimee, Jo, Georgina, Steve, Roger, Mandie and Rachel.

Some photos from the event:

To enquire about therapy dog employee wellbeing visits please email

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