Volunteer with us in Swindon

We are currently recruiting therapy dogs to visit Amazon in Swindon and within the local community in the Swindon area.


We have a small established therapy dog team that visits Amazon BRS2 Swindon.


You will also be supported to visit your local community in healthcare and education if you wanted to, once you are settled into the role.


We are carrying out therapy dog assessment on Wednesday 8th June 2022 at Amazon BRS2 Swindon from 2pm - 8pm.

What attributes must your dog have?

  • Your dog must be happy, comfortable and enjoys meeting new people (not just your family and friends), without being over-excited.

  • No jumping up, pawing, licking or barking (without good reason!)

  • Not phased by sudden or loud noises.

  • Be able to sit and wait, and relax when required to do so.

  • Follow basic commands and has good manners.

  • Be able to walk on a loose lead ie no pulling or taking you for a walk!

  • Not to have ever bitten anyone.

  • At least 1 year of age, although be aware if your dog has had limited social experiences due to lockdowns.

  • Please note we do not provide training for your dog, there is an expectation your dog has been trained in basic obedience and your dog has a happy natural ability to meet new people. Please refer to Our Ethos page. 

What attributes must you have?

  • To have owned your dog for over 6 months and have a good understanding of his/her behaviour.

  • To be able to show you have your dog under control, and your dog looks to you.

  • The desire to help people, to make a difference, and to show compassion.

  • To have some spare time to be able to make visits (at least once a month).

  • To be confident to visit independently or within a small team.

  • Work well as a team with your dog.

  • Have a natural empathy towards your dog.

  • Enjoy meeting new people and being able to talk about your dog.

  • Have an understanding of dog body language and to be able to read the emotional experience of your dog.

If you think this may be for you and your dog please complete the initial enquiry form below. We will then get back in touch to see if you will be asked to attend the therapy dog assessment on Wednesday 8th June.


If you are invited for an assessment we will arrange an online zoom chat with you beforehand. We will then tell you much more information on the role, and what support and training you will be given, and you can ask us any questions. We can talk more about your dog to make sure there is a 'goodness of fit' where your dog must demonstrate consent, and be happy to engage.

Any queries in the meantime please call 01437 766164 or email Jenna at teamleader@cariadpettherapy.co.uk

Thanks for submitting!