Cariad Pet Therapy started in September 2018 and to date we have 34 therapy partner teams comprising of an owner(s) and their beloved pet dog. 

We visit a wide range of services and establishments including Withybush General Hospital,  Bryngofal Acute Mental Health Ward, South Pembrokeshire Hospital, Fenton Primary School, Haverfordwest High School, Cardiff University and Amazon CWL1 facility in Swansea.

We are a CIC which is a Community Interest Company registered with Companies House meaning we are 'not for profit.' Any funds or donations raised go into the running and development of Cariad Pet Therapy. We are affiliate members of Animal Assisted Intervention International. and The Society for Companion Animals.

All our visits to vulnerable groups and healthcare are free of charge. We rely on donations and funding to operate and manage Cariad Pet Therapy, We do however charge a nominal fee for employee wellness visits or contracts with third party agencies.

The benefits of Pet Therapy


In the presence of a dog, people relax and calm and their heart rate and blood pressure decreases. Stress hormones also decrease and the feel-good hormones increase (the dog feels this too). A dog invites contact, interaction and engagement so it enables movement and communication.


Cariad Pet Therapy dogs can be used by anyone, young and old. It is beneficial in the following areas to:

  • Anxiety relief

  • Lower Stress

  • Aide motor skills

  • Improve recovery times

  • Support with Dementia and Alzheimer's

  • Promote communication

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Enhance relaxation

  • Boost mood and lower depression

  • Promote socialisation

  • Aide self-esteem and self-worth

  • Encourage exercise

  • Reduce physical pain

  • Aide fine motor skills.


Cold Comfort Plants who have sponsored Harper for 1yr! Many thanks!

Emerald Strata of the Cayman Islands who have sponsored Tink for 1 year! Many thanks!

Our Ambassadors are Anna Cariad and Helen Carey 


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